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CLE Credit

LexePrint is proud to offer lawyers CLE material concerning the most up-to-date and relevant topics in the field. Through LexePrint, you have unique access to the world’s leading authorities on topics ranging from eDiscovery, Complex Arbitration, Cybersecurity law, Digital Forensics and much more. No other resource will provide opportunities to learn from Generals, World-Renowned Lawyers, Sitting Circuit Court Judges and leading innovators in their field while offering access to accredited CLE credits at such an affordable price.  

CPE Credit

Continuing your professional education is a key factor in remaining up to date on topics that make a professional stand out. In order to identify yourself as a high caliber client or employee in you field, you need to actively display your efforts remain informed. CPE credits give you the opportunity to remain up to date and education on the most poignant of topics in your field while receiving certifications  LexePrint offers dozens of accredited courses for professionals in all fields to best engage in the most applicable CPE content on their own time and without having to pay as much as competing CPE providers.  


CEU Credit

The world is changing at an exponential rate, staying the same is equivalent to moving backwards in the ever-complex business world. As the fundamental nature of tech and business change, it is key to show you are educating yourself in an effort to keep up with the times. Continuing Education Units allow you to show that you are actively keeping your understanding of advancements in technology, as well as new laws and regulations that relate to your industry. Active involvement in a continuing education program like LexePrint’s give you the tools to make yourself a more attractive option for potential clients and employers while further sharpening your professional skillsets and expanding your network, all on your own time.